Work Day Rants: Jeff is pretty pissed!

Jeff- who was previously interviewed for the blog- has been sending me random, unprompted, raging text messages today while at work. He is fed up with the BS. I’d like to share these funny and true text.

Jeff started out the day being pissed off about being taxed so heavily.

Jeff: What sucks more than working is taxes. Ids like to be an expert on taxes so I can see exactly where all this money goes. Then they give you back pennies. I don’t mind taxes, but not a third of your income. It’s sick. I need a job under the table.


Jeff finishes his day being annoyed about small talk. I too hate small talk so I can empathize.

Jeff: What I really hate about work though is this fucked up “professional” attitude people have. Code for fake really. The disingenuous and empty fucking small talk. It wouldn’t be so hard to deal with if it wasn’t fucking incessant. Fuck! I try not to do it, and I can sense people’s disdain for me because of it.

small talk


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