Interview: Attorney Emma knows that anyone that claims to love their job is lying.

Hater:  What is your job title?

Emma: Attorney

Hater:  Why do you hate working in general?

Emma: Usually it’s the people, clients never satisfied, government never prepared, boss always asking me dumb shit. Ultimately I think we place far too much emphasis on working, and not enough on leisure and genuine happiness.

Hater:  What do you hate about your current job?

Emma: The pay, the hours, the people, my daily tasks, taking to insurance claims adjusters, I can go on and on—there really isn’t anything that I don’t hate about my job.

Hater: Do you have any plans to escape your current job?

Emma: Yes, I plan on quitting within the next 8 months, moving out of the country and living simply.


Hater: That is AMAZING! Are you passionate about any career out there?

Emma: Not that I know of, but I am hopeful that there is something that I will find that I can at least say doesn’t make me want to jump off the top of a building, like my current job.

Hater: If you could slap anyone at work, who would it be and why?

Emma: Easy, my boss and multiple times. I’m pretty sure he has early stages of Alzheimer’s—because he asks me to do stuff multiple times, sometimes daily. If it’s not Alzheimer’s, he’s just a forgetful idiot, and really should be slapped ASAP.

Hater: How do you feel about people who love working?

Emma: Good for them, but it’s annoying. People lie there assess off tho, not sure I’ve ever met anyone who loved their job.

Hater: Right! Are you jealous of people who are passionate about their jobs? If so, why?

Emma: Not at all, good for them. I mean I really don’t think these people exist, I’ve never encountered any.

Hater: Haha! Yes, they are very rare. Are you passionate about anything at all?

Emma: Absolutely, my family and my free time. I do enjoy working with young people, and do so whenever I can, but I’m most passionate about my free time, and guard it fiercely.

Hater: What’s the most recent thing someone did at work to piss you off?

Emma: Call me a “stranger” when I took a single day off to move, when that person golfs every Friday and comes to work on average by 10am ( we open at 8)- I really almost beat the shit out of him—-In hindsight maybe I should have.


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