Interview: Jeff hates his job because he is better than everyone else.

Jeff suffers from being better than everyone he works with which means constantly making eye contact with mediocrity.

Hater: What is your job title?

Jeff: Budget Analyst

Hater: What do you hate about working in general?

Jeff: I don’t hate working in general, I just hate my job.

Hater: What do you hate about your job?

Jeff: Sitting down in front of a computer screen for hours at a time, and pretending to like people that I feel are poisoning me with their mediocrity and contentment.

Hater: Are you passionate about any career out there?

Jeff: Yep. I am passionate about creating music and being my own boss.

Hater: I support that. Glad you have no interest in working for “the man.” If you could slap anyone at work, who would it be and why?

Jeff I don’t get gratification from physically harming people, I’d rather emotionally harm them. If I could emotionally harm someone, it would be my colleague. He looks at me like he wants to stab me- and is very intimidated by me and my success at work. I’d like him to feel how little I care about him.

Hater: Emotional damage is best. I agree. How do you feel about people who love working?

Jeff: Depends on their job. As for the people I work with, I just see them as pathetic with no real sense of purpose.

Hater: Are you jealous of people who are passionate about their jobs? If so, why?

Jeff:No. Good for them. But again, it can be seen as pathetic.

Hater: Right Like a person being passionate about being a general ledger account. Ridiculous.

Are you passionate about anything at all?

Jeff:Yep. Creating and building. I like food too. And for some reason I love trying out new hotels. So maybe I like traveling.

Hater: Oooorrrrr you like nice room decor and staycations. 

 What’s the most recent thing someone did at work to piss you off?

Jeff: Said “good morning”


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