Interview: Director Claire wants a bottle and a bed

I was hesitant about posting Claire’s interview- but I felt like bashing her, and I wanted you guys to know what an imposter sounds like. She doesn’t really hate working. Never invite a person like Claire to a bitch session! She will ruin it with hope and smiles. She seems to have aspirations and feels happy for people. I don’t need people raining on my parade of hate and misery- pissing me off by revealing that there is a job that interests them. Claire is pretty much an asshole! She wouldn’t be invited to the clubhouse.

Hater: What is your job title?

Claire: Director of Business Planning and Analysis
Hater: Why do you hate working in general?
Claire: Because I love my bed, food, and TV more than being in an ill-temperature controlled confine for 8 hours.
Hater: What do you hate about your current job?
Claire: I’m bored and the people don’t excite me. The work is good but boring too. Also, there is no snack time or nap time here.
Hater: Are you passionate about any career out there? (The answer below is where Claire starts to piss me off! NO, Claire-no job is worth your time unless it’s your own business that requires little effort. Guess Claire s kind of open to drone life)
Claire: Yes, I think I would be. Work environment is very important to me because I feel I could do most jobs. So I would like something in Sports or where there is a good team.
Hater: If you could slap anyone at work, who would it be and why?
Claire: I have to use a fake name here to protect the idiot, I mean, the innocent. I would love to & have often fantasized about slapping Hancock because he doesn’t listen, and is never able to answer my questions via email. He gives unnecessary information and talks too much because he loves to hear himself talk.
Hater: How do you feel about people who love working?
Claire: I like that they love something. I wonder if they’re really good at it or if it fills another void in their lives.
Hater: That answer definitely made want to slice my arm off and slap Claire with it. What’s next rainbows and river dancing with people!
Are you jealous of people who are passionate about their jobs? If so, why?
Claire: Nope, not jealous. good for them!
Hater: Are you passionate about anything at all?
Claire: Hanging out on sunny days

Hater’s Dissent:

Downtown Abby

Claire is not one of “us”: Folks- Claire is a vegetarian and that may the reason for her supportive attitude. The nutrients must have done something to her. The MOST ridiculous answer ” I like that they love something. I wonder if they’re really good at it or if it fills another void in their lives.” Honestly Claire do you morph into a Carebare at night?! All I want to do is invite Claire to a party and then slam the door in her face when she arrives in an attempt to break her spirit. Cheers!


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