Interview: Pissed off employee Leah

Leah is PISSED! Talk about disgruntled. She would love to slap pretty much everyone and I certainly support it.

Hater: What’s your job title?

Leah  System Administrator, Web Services

Hater:  Why do you hate working in general?

Leah: I don’t hate working. I strongly dislike certain tasks that take over the things I do like about work.

Hater: What do hate about your current job?

 Leah:  I hate that I am smarter, more educated, well-liked, but I make the least in comparison to my male teammates who take month long vacations in a middle of a project and/or work 2 hours a day and then disappear in the middle of the work day.

And then all my colleagues ask every 10 minutes, “Is __ here?”

So my job which is suppose to be design website and maintain IT system has boiled down to all admin stuff and answering the question of where my 2 colleagues are every 10 minutes.

Hater: Alrighty then- I feel like you have told someone off at work. Have you?

Leah: I tell everyone off at work…daily and then report myself to HR

Hater: I’m cracking up over here! Have you ever been written up?

Leah: I have had things put in my file. I have never been written up.

I think it’s b/c I don’t hesitate to throw around my minority status in this very super white organization. I had one coworker tell HR that I refused to help him build his standing desk that he bought from Amazon. I told him that I wasn’t Jesus, and my background is in web design not carpentry. That wasn’t very well rec’d.

Hater: If you could slap anyone at your job right now who would it be?

 Leah:  It’d be a collective slap of several people lined up…starting with the Senior managers

Hater: Do you fantasize about quitting?

Leah:  No. I spend every Friday applying for other jobs and improving my resume. It’s not fantasy; it’s reality.

 Hater:  AHAHAHHAHA! Thanks. Would you like to remain anonymous?

Leah: Yes please until I find another job then you can put my full name with a picture of me shitting on the energy industry

 Hater:  Okay, will do. I am literally laughing out loud! I can’t stop

Leah: Alright…now I am leaving to go on interview.

Hater: Good luck!

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