Interview: Kristen doesn’t give a crap about working. Call her for a good time!

Kristen cares about the important things in life-drinking, taking lovers, and eating. Probably in that order.

Hater: What is your job title? If you don’t have a job- what was your most recent title.

Kristen: Attorney

Hater: Why do you hate working in general?

Kristen: It’s the same thing every day. Think about getting out of bed, actually getting out of bed, showering sometimes and making the crap commute to your crap job

Hater: Tell me about it. Kill self. What do you hate about your current job?

Kristen: I want to hang out, that’s it, that’s all. I don’t want to stress about meaningless work that society just created to keep people occupied and further the social divide.

Hater: Are you passionate about any career out there?

Kristen: I wouldn’t mind volunteering two days a week with little poor kids and hanging out the other five days. That’s it

Hater: If you could slap anyone at work, who would it be and why?

Kristen: I’m not a physical contact type of person, I just don’t want to see any of my bosses again. Ever

Hater: Whatever, slap them. So how do you feel about people who love working?

Kristen: I feel sad for people who love working because I’m sure they don’t love eating, drinking, hanging out, and sex. You know all the good stuff. They are missing out on the good stuff.

Hater: Exactly! Are you jealous of people who are passionate about their jobs? If so, why?

Kristen: See above- I feel sorry for them

Hater:  Are you passionate about anything at all?

Kristen: Hanging out, sex and debating about society but doing nothing to change it. Those are my passions

Hater: Right-not doing anything about it. HAHA!

What’s the most recent thing someone did at work to piss you off?

Kristen: Showing up


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