Interview: “Hater” hates working. She tells you why.

It only seems fair that I too- the creator of this brilliant blog- answer the questions like all my interviewees.

Q: What is your current job?

Hater: Um- I would like that to remain anonymous because it makes me feel important. I will share this-I work in corporate America. Ugh.

Q: Why do you hate working in general?

Hater: Simply because I have to. It’s as if people don’t realize that money is a scam in itself. We have all the resources and pretty much everything we need- but people are so damn greedy that we need money so people can feel superior by having more of it and then control things. And I want to eat good food, see the world, and buy a nice couch- so I’m forced to work. Sux.

Q: Why do you hate your current job?

Hater: The fact that I have it. Also, I don’t care about the business at all. This is because it isn’t my business so I don’t really give two shits about helping shit executives grow their business. It’s not like I’m saving starving children.

Q: Is there a job that you could be passionate about?

Hater: Highly unlikely as I have NO interest in working and I have no passion about any particular career. I want to be an heiress as should anyone with half a brain. I don’t want to do any sort of work every day. I wish I was born into wealth and raised by a good family who taught me how important it was to volunteer with and give to the less fortunate. Even then I’d only volunteer like 2x a week-maybe. But I would donate a lot of money (depending on how much I had) to charity.

Q: How do you feel about people who love work.

Hater: I think they’re off their meds. If they aren’t on meds then they’re self-involved assholes. Ego, Ego, Ego. People like to feel good about themselves and often times they achieve this by being good in their career. Kill yourself! Who in their right mind would actually WANT to work and then enjoy it!? People who have an urge to work need to get a life! Find a hobby to occupy your free time. Have you ever heard of Netflix binge watching, traveling, reading, staring at a wall…anything except working all day?

Q: If you could slap anyone at work, who would it be and why?

Hater: The CEO, COO- they pay people shitty salaries when they don’t have too. Many people are far below their salary grade. Greedy pricks! Of course these people are stupid for not finding another job.

Q: Are you jealous of people who are passionate about their jobs? If so, why?

Hater: Yes, as I too would love a passion simply because if I have to work I might as well be interested.

Q: Are you passionate about anything at all?

Hater: Yes- traveling, beautiful beaches, great food, Netflix, learning about different cultures, doing whatever I want-when I want.


One thought on “Interview: “Hater” hates working. She tells you why.

  1. Dying! Love that you tell it like it is – so many greedy people who don’t realize or don’t care that money is a social construct created to fuel our doomed sense of hierarchy. Capitalism is served.

    Liked by 1 person

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