Interview- Disgruntled Employee: Nicole

I completed this interview via G-chat today. G-chat brings joy to my work day. Without it. I die. I happen to know that this person hates her job- so it makes sense that she would be the very first interview.

“I’m writing a blog about hating work. Seems like my calling. I have a few questions for you.”

Hater: What is your job title?

Nicole: Program Assistant

Hater: Why do you hate working?

Nicole: Because people are egotistical and unappreciative

Hater: Not why do you hate this job, but why do you hate working in general?

Nicole: That’s it! Plus it takes away from time that you can spend doing things you actually enjoy – family, friends, traveling. It’s very difficult maintaining a work-life balance. It’s not likely for many people to do what they love and actually get paid what they expect.

Hater: Okay- why do you hate your current job?

Nicole: Same reasons, really. People take things too seriously – only look out for themselves.

Hater: If you could slap someone at work- who would it be?

Nicole: I would slap my previous coworker! She’s a conniving, condescending little twit!

Hater: Hmm okay. Haha! How do feel about people who love going to work?

Nicole: They must really enjoy what they do, or they have no lives.

Hater: I agree. Are you jealous of people who enjoy what they do? Because I sure am

Nicole: Definitely. You wonder how the heck they got to that point. And there’s resentment to the point that you know you must have a purpose, but it’s unnerving to not know what it is – or, where you belong exactly.

Hater: Hell yea

Nicole: Hmm sad story.

Hater: Do you actually give a crap about the job you do?

Nicole: Nope


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