An Introduction: Just a Drone plodding along.

I decided to start this blog quite simply because I hate working, and I want to commiserate with other people who hate working too. Yes, it’s true- misery loves company. The picture I posted is certainly not a picture of my desk. I work in a cube inside of an office that used to be a filing room. My desk is next to a slice of a window facing ugly buildings. Basically a window for prisoners on good behavior. Yup.

I invite you to look forward to my amazing opinion. The key word is “opinion” as I don’t plan on providing many facts other than those based on my emotional state while on the job. This blog will feature interviews of other humans who hate working. The interviewees- humans/drones are of course anonymous because they would like to keep their slave wages.

 Let’s all get through the matrix-one gripe at a time!

Here’s what you need to know about me:

I can’t stand people who like working or pretend to like working because it makes them feel productive. Some people say that they are passionate about their jobs. Hate these assholes. Why? Because I am jealous of course. I am not, and have never been passionate about anything I have to do 40 plus hours a week. Are you kidding me!  How can you still be passionate after doing this thing all day, almost every damn day. Hate you!  People often ask me what I’m passionate about and tell me to do that. Hello fucko- I am not passionate about anything really other than traveling, eating, laughing, hanging out- you know, living life. And if that passion was a job it would be called “being a trust fund kid.” But thanks to my mother I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth. Here’s the thing- I actually have a good job, and by good I mean I can fuck around, write this blog, and I get paid pretty well. So should I complain- no. Will I? Hell yes.

Disclaimer: Look- this isn’t a novel okay- so don’t expect thoughtful writing or good grammar. I can’t spelI (no- spell check doesn’t catch everything)- and I don’t care enough to do anything about it. I take pride in the high likelihood that my grammar will probably suck and there will be typos just to piss people off who care about that BS. Cheers!


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